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3DD!3Road House(2024) 

Doug Liman made an 80's B movie for fun and they wouldn't even let him put it in theaters! A smiling Jake Gyllenhaal hurting bad people and obviously having an incredible time doing it. Conor McGregor is perfect as the… (mehr)

POMORoad House(2024) 

Drenched in Florida sunshine, Road House is highly entertaining, testosterone-fuelled bullshit with the surprisingly cast Jake Gyllenhaal turning in another fine performance. Doug Liman helps Joel Silver update his… (mehr)

KakaFallout - Season 1(2024) 

Fallout is teetering between 3 and 4 stars. One might assume that for die-hard fans of the game it would be more like 4 and the opposite for the uninitiated. From the perspective of someone who has never seen or played… (mehr)