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POMOThe Childe(2023) 

The Childe doesn’t offer the best fight scenes like we’re accustomed to from Asian filmmakers or the best car chases. What it does offer, however, is a more surprising and funnier plot that is more and more entertaining… (mehr)

Baru.PaprckaThe Baker(2023) 

The movie isn't bad, but unfortunately, it falls somewhere in the category of "good idea, poor execution, and mediocre casting." The story is fine, even though we've seen it here several times before. Ron is a cool… (mehr)

EvilPhoEniXThe Childe(2023) 

This year's dark horse in the field of Korean blockbusters from one of the most acclaimed directors, Hoon-jung Park, is finally out and it's quite a hit. I've seen seven out of eight films from him and he hasn't always… (mehr)