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Odekake Kozame - Season 1 (2023) (Staffel) 

Englisch A delightful little mini-series perfect for the littlest viewers. If I were 3-5 years old, I'd likely be enamored with this charming shark's adventures, eagerly discovering something new in each episode and I'd probably sing along to that weird closing credits song. It turns out my inner child won't allow me to rate this little shark any lower than 6/10.


Blood of Zeus - Season 1 (2020) (Staffel) 

Deutsch Da ich schon zu Schulzeiten antike griechische Legenden und Mythen gelesen und so geliebt habe, dass ich sie mehrmals las, konnte mich hier anfangs nichts überraschen. Die ganze Grundlage ist eigentlich nichts Neues. Und wie stehts mit dem Haupt Protagonisten, ist der originell oder interessant? Ehrlich gesagt, nein... Es ist wie ein klassischer antiker Mythosnur ausführlicherblutiger zu verrückteren Höhen gezogen (für manche vielleicht mehr Cool). Hat mich etwas überrascht und interessiert? Gab es etwas, das mich in ein paar Wochen wieder an Zeus Blut und an Vorfreude auf die nächste Staffel erinnern wird? Wohl ehe nicht. Sogar die oft erwähnte Castelvania hat mich mehr amüsiert, weil man mich da in jeder Staffel mit etwas überraschen konnte... Die Animation ist gut, Musik ist großartig, aber die Geschichte ist eher durchschnittlich. 5,5/10


Ninja Kamui (2024) (Serie) 

Englisch Ninja Kamui immediately piqued my interest with Song-hu Park at the helm, the same director behind the gripping first season of JJK. Known for his knack for choreographing exhilarating fight scenes, Park and his team deliver solid work here, seamlessly blending traditional animation with CGI. The fight sequences pack a punch, brimming with power, impact, and energy that kept me glued to the screen. The main character, brought to life by the stellar voice acting of Kenjirou Tsuda, drew me in with his compelling backstory and a motivation reminiscent of John Wick's. He exudes just the right amount of coolness to keep the entertainment flowing. However, my enthusiasm waned when it came to the story. While the beginning showed promise with its well-executed revenge narrative and intriguing ninja lore, it took a detour into the realm of mechanical suits and corporate villains, with the corporate world and a younger version of Steve Jobs as the primary antagonists. What began as a strong and straightforward plot gradually became convoluted, delving into themes that failed to hold my interest. It's disappointing to learn that the creators had to extend the episode count to 13 to accommodate their entire story, as I believe a tighter narrative with perhaps just 12 or even 8 episodes would have served the series better. Maintaining the pace and quality of the initial episodes without the unnecessary layers would have made for a more engaging experience. In the end, Ninja Kamui offers decent action and entertainment value, but its tendency to overstretch, overexplain, and rehash certain themes relegates it to a one-time watch for me. Unfortunately, it falls short of leaving a lasting impression. 5.5/10

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Mars Express (2023)


Dying Out of Sight: Hikikomori in an Aging Japan (2020) (Fernsehfilm)


Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire (2024)


Mikýřova hysteorie českých dějin (2024) (Sendung)


Odekake Kozame - Season 1 (2023) (Staffel) (S01)


Blood of Zeus - Season 2 (2024) (Staffel) (S02)


Blood of Zeus - Season 1 (2020) (Staffel) (S01)


Odekake Kozame (2023) (Serie)


Kodomo no džikan (2007) (Serie)



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