Marine-Offizierin Jordan O'Neil bekommt die Chance ihres Lebens! Sie darf als erste Frau am ultra harten Rekrutentraining der Eliteeinheit der Navy Seals teilnehmen. Die Tatsache, dass 60% ihrer männlichen Kollegen dieses knallharte Training nicht durchstehen, spornt die junge Frau nur noch mehr an! Hoch motiviert erträgt sie sogar die physischen und psychischen Grausamkeiten ihres sadistisch veranlagten Ausbilders Master Chief Urgayle. Doch der wahre Kampf steht ihr noch bevor Sie wird Opfer einer infamen Rufmordkampagne... (Verleiher-Text)


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Englisch The film doesn't excel in any area, perhaps only the cast isn't bad. Demi Moore, when not trying too hard, is tolerable, and together with Viggo Mortensen, they function as an interesting couple, where it is definitely not about anything intimate. By the way, I see this as a positive, that no one unnecessarily tried to put some romance in it, which Bay would have tried to stuff in, no matter what anyone said. He could easily shake hands with Cameron in this sense. Although I can't praise Scott too much because some more intimate relationships are not missing here. It simply wouldn't work without them. Nevertheless, I have to say that I wasn't completely disappointed with "G.I. Jane", but that's because this is the type of film you won't have too high hopes for. Well, for fans of Viggo Mortensen, it's more or less a duty. My girlfriend was absolutely thrilled by him. I guess I'll have to buy a uniform. ()


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Englisch Ridley made a passable film, no question about it, but he really screwed-up the casting of the main role. Demi Moore's performance is riveting, but unfortunately not for the audience, but for the quality of the film. ()



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Englisch Probably the worst action scenes in the modern history of high-budget action films. I have never seen anything so unbelievably unbelievable and half-assed this decade. It's even more disappointing that it's from one of the best, Ridley Scott. I'm referring, of course, to the only real action scene with live ammunition at the end. The training is interesting, cool, and exciting, Demi Moore's companions are the right animals, and Masterchief Viggo Mortensen is a brutal tough guy. ()


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Englisch The film is not badly made at all, but the fact that Demi Moore attempts to style herself into the role of a badass warrior, especially in her full-contact fight during one sequence, really doesn't scare me. Moore was a co-producer and I feel Scott allowed her to get more involved than appropriate. ()


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Englisch Surprisingly, I actually liked G.I. Jane. The role of a tough soldier suits Demi Moore. It’s obvious here how skilfully Ridley Scott knows how to work with military action. I have no doubt that producer Jerry Bruckheimer offered him the director’s chair for Black Hawk Down on the basis of his work on this film. ()

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