Astronaut Taylor (Charlton Heston) überlebt den Raum-Zeitsprung durch das All - 2000 Jahre in die Zukunft. Eine Notlandung verschlägt ihn auf einen entfernten Planeten, der von Affen regiert wird. Auf grausame Weise missbrauchen die herrschenden Affen eine primitive Menschenrasse für Experimente und zur Unterhaltung. Schon bald wird Taylor selbst zum Gejagten, seine einzige Hoffnung auf Rettung ist ein hilfsbereiter Schimpansen-Wissenschaftler (Roddy McDowall)... (20th Century Fox Home Entertainment)


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Deutsch Es ist erstaunlich, dass Planet der Affen nicht alt wird. Genau im Gegenteil. Je öfter ich den Film sehe, desto besser gefällt er mir (abgesehen davon, dass ich immer denke, dass er mir nicht noch mehr gefallen kann). Es ist eine unglaublich durchgearbeitete Science-Fiction-Geschichte mit allem Drum und Dran, deren Message immer noch aktuell ist. Leider. Die Masken sind perfekt. Ich weiß einfach, dass ich Affen sehe. Es sind keine Menschen, die sich hinter Gummischnauzen verstecken. Ich bewundere die Schauspielleistung von Charlton Heston, der fast die ganze Zeit halb nackt ist und lange kein einziges Wort sagt… Und trotzdem spielt er wie der Teufel. Goldsmiths Musik muss ich wahrscheinlich gar nicht erst erwähnen. Meiner Meinung nach beweist der Soundtrack zu Planet der Affen, welch ein unübertreffliches Genie er war. Man findet keine andere Musik, die so seltsam, ausgefeilt und originell ist und so viel Suchtpotenzial hat. Eine Ausnahme ist vielleicht nur Alien - Das unheimliche Wesen aus einer fremden Welt. Und das Interessanteste ist, dass man fast alles, was aus Planet der Affen einen so guten Film macht, auch in dem Remake von Tim Burton findet… Fast. ()


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Englisch Nowadays, of course, it lacks the necessary impact and it’s showing more flaws the older it gets, but the shortcomings of the special effects and the script are remedied by the smart execution and, in particular, by the final twist, which in my eyes may be worthy of the title of the best film ending ever. The opening captivated me. Jerry Goldsmith's haunting and strange music against the unsettling environment of an unknown planet creates a backdrop typical of classic sci-fi from the 60s and 70s. The society of the apes is outlined in a relatively simple way, but their pride and superiority to humans oozes from literally every word and is another strong motif that keeps your attention, even in the moments when seemingly nothing is happening and they are just talking. And on top of that, everything is presented so convincingly and skilfully that you’re forced to wonder where the hidden truth lies and who is the true master of creation. But praise should also be given to the make-up effects, which are sufficiently convincing and vivid, the performance of the stellar Heston, who adds great charisma to his role, and I also appreciated the beautiful Linda Harrison, for whom I would be quite happy to crash on such a planet. In short, this film holds the status of a phenomenon absolutely rightfully, I just hope that its vision of the future will never come true:-) 90% ()



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Englisch One of those classics that has the misfortune that everyone with at least some interest in cinema knows the twist already and then it feels too predictable when they watch it for the first time. Fortunately, Planet of the Apes doesn’t rely only on the reveal, it’s a captivating story from beginning to end. 9/10 ()


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Englisch Planet of the Apes became a phenomenon in the media in its time and was one of the most famous works in the sci-fi genre, and its commercial success resulted in several sequels. Although these sequels brought the producers considerable profit with minimal expenses (they were filmed, of course, using the set and masks from the original movie), they diluted the original strength of the film. Based on the successful novel of the same name by Pierre Boulle from 1963, which, although different from its film adaptation in many aspects, is equally good and I can recommend it for its literary language and intellectual level. The film was expensive for its time and shooting with actors in masks was challenging, especially for Kim Hunter, who had a lot of screen time. The film had extraordinary success not only because of the professional work of the makeup artists who were able to create a perfect illusion of an ape civilization, but also because of the quality screenplay and clever direction. Last but not least, the film struck a chord with the spirit of the time with its dark message about the end of human civilization. The cold war was reaching its peak, which had turned unpleasantly hot in Vietnam, and politically, there was unrest on university campuses and city streets, and various apocalyptic visions were very fashionable... The film belongs to the golden standard of its genre. Overall impression: 95%. ()


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Englisch This is one of the foundational works of modern science fiction movies that I have watched repeatedly, and I never tire of it. Also, don't let anyone tell you that the Burton remake is just a kitsch. In my opinion, both films are on the same level, with a mysterious charm, oppressive atmosphere, and much more. ()

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