Invasion of the Saucer Men

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Deutsch Eine seltsame Mischung aus Science-Fiction-Horror und Komödie (die entweder wirklich krampfhafte Witze enthält oder überhaupt nicht lustig ist) über eine Gang stilvoll aussehender klassischer Außerirdischer (kleiner grüner Körper, großer venöser Kopf), aus deren Stacheln konzentrierter Alkohol quillt. Macht der Film in Einzelszenen Sinn? Kaum. Aber wo sonst sieht man einen Außerirdischen an einem Stierkampf teilnehmen? Am Ende wirkt der Film tatsächlich wie eine bizarre Agitation gegen Alkoholismus. Wer hätte das erwartet? Obwohl man heute Invasion of the Saucer-Men nur noch mit einigen Promille im Blut ansehen kann, ist es nüchtern betrachtet eine Katastrophe. ()


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Englisch Between comedy (mostly intentional) and horror (the aliens are really scary), there is a story that every B-movie fan is bound to like. Plus, there's actually something going on in it all the time. That it is naive to the bone? Yeah, that’s exactly it! ()



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Englisch One of those low-budget science fiction flicks made in the 1950s that promised a lot with the title and poster, but the result is rather flimsy. The biggest attractions in the form of the aliens themselves look nice – small orc figures with a big head and bulging eyes – but you don't really get to enjoy them. The scenes with them are sparse, they hide in the bushes, they are rarely seen in their entirety, and when they do reveal themselves, they are not very visible due to the constant darkness (the whole film takes place during a single night). What is worth mentioning, however, is their abilities. They kill with needles that come out of their hands, with which they inject a large dose of pure alcohol that kills their victim. And to make matters worse, when one of the aliens is killed in a car accident, its arm falls off, grows an eye and starts to move about like Thing in the Addams Family. Unfortunately, however, these audience rewarding moments are few and far between. The film weirdly oscillates between sci-fi, drama and comedy. The script revolves around a couple of teenagers who discover the aliens while dating in the woods, and their main problem is not how to defeat the invaders, but how to convince the police to believe their discovery. Thanks to the exuberant, comedic music, the story is slightly ironic in places (but without any joke), in others it seems like a drama (but there is nothing to be afraid of), but as a whole it is a rather dull, boring affair. ()

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