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Bezaubernde Geschichten - Träume werden Wirklichkeit

NinadeLBezaubernde Geschichten - Träume werden Wirklichkeit(2007) 

Englisch Disney Princess Enchanted Tales was supposed to be the title of a new direct-to-video series of fairy tales with Disney princesses. However, the pilot project was released during internal changes at Disney studios, so we never got to see the announced stories with Cinderella, Belle, or Mulan. Only this miniature with Aurora and Jasmine remained. I can certainly not say that all animated Disney sequels were great, but in retrospect, I wouldn't even claim that the internal reshuffling at the studios was beneficial in any way. Some controversial projects were canceled, but now we are inundated with live-action remakes and preschool series, so it more or less comes out the same. Keys to the Kingdom is a clever play on the topic of what Aurora had to deal with during her reign. It is sweet, funny, and the songs are enjoyable. More Than a Peacock Princess, on the other hand, shows the classic situation in Agrabah, Jasmine is bored with princess duties and therefore gets a new job... at the local school. Again, a funny and charming miniature.

Fallen Fruit

POMOFallen Fruit(2024) 

Englisch The first half of Fallen Fruit presents the protagonist in his youthful fumbling as he comes out of a breakup, with no desire to work and no idea what the future holds. The film itself is slightly boring and just as fumbling, with feeble dialogue, the parameters of a student film and one WTF narrative misstep (two complete strangers catch a brief glimpse of each other through the window of a passing car and then text each other a few hours later). As a hurricane approaches, however, the protagonist’s parents join in the presentation of his day-to-day life, characters seen earlier in the film add more meaningful contours to the causes of his loneliness, and Fallen Fruit turns out to be an honest portrait of a young man living in Miami, a city whose exotic identity is aptly expressed with the wow effect that it initially provides, which conceals its darker, less hospitable side. [Miami Film Festival]



Englisch Stop! Or My Grandma Will Shoot! An endearing “action” comedy with a heart and an excellent June Squibb. The 94-year-old actress turns in an admirable performance as she combines a variety of humorous gestures with sensitive dramatic moments. The interplay between the characters comprising her family and the bad guys is formulaic yet effectively written, with a surprising choice cast in the role of the main villain. When it comes to comedies about the elderly, however, I personally prefer more sarcastic, culturally distinctive European films, such as A Man Called Ove. [Miami Film Festival]

Resident Orca

POMOResident Orca(2024) 

Englisch This documentary is shocking in its depiction of the conditions in which American authorities allow anyone to keep an animal in captivity, including Lolita, a well-known killer whale held for decades at the Miami SeaQuarium. It’s as if there are no laws against animal cruelty, or no one is enforcing them. The film follows a group of Native Americans from the orca’s territory of origin as they strive to secure her freedom. They explain their spiritual connection to the killer whale and the importance of returning her to her native waters, where she can still encounter her mother again after fifty years. Don’t expect a story like My Octopus Teacher and the emotions that it evoked, as Resident Orca is purely a television-style documentary featuring interviews with people involved in the issue. Its power lies in the question of whether the orca will be freed and in the unexpected outcome of the story. [Miami Film Festival]



Englisch Tell me which Fallout you like, and I'll tell you if you'll like this series! It's pretty straightforward. If you're a die-hard fan of the classic Fallout 1 and 2, and everything after that felt like a betrayal of the brand, an inexplicable genre shift, and a mishandling of the post-apocalyptic world, then this series bearing the Bethesda logo in each episode's intro might not be for you. It's likely to trigger some serious PTSD, reminding you of the demise of your beloved childhood... Now, if you're into Fallout 3, 4, or even Fallout 76 (remember when those folks were rarer than vault dwellers on the surface?), then you've struck gold. This series is a treasure trove with a million nods to your favorite games. Whether it's a dog named Dogmeat (though he made an appearance in the earlier games too), a character with the surname Howard, or familiar locations like the Red Rocket gas station and Super Duper Mart, you'll feel right at home. Even fans of Fallout New Vegas get their cowboy fix, with management and corporations as the main antagonists. But what if you haven't played any Fallout games? Well, if you have a soft spot for post-apocalyptic themes, you're likely to enjoy this series too. It's got atmosphere, a unique charisma distinct from, say, The Last of Us. It's gritty, occasionally bizarre, and sometimes cynically funny. The story is intriguing, though it takes a bit to unravel all its twists and turns. The characters are quite likable, though you might need some time to warm up to a few of them. So let's break it down - die-hard fans of Fallout 1 and 2, you might want to step aside and let it pass, maybe one star at most. Fans of Fallout 3, 4, and 76, step right up with your 5 stars. New Vegas fans might lean towards a 3 or 4-star rating. If you're new to the Fallout universe, you could end up anywhere, but with interest in the topic, it's a solid 4 stars. And for those who've seen and played it all (well, except for Fallout 76 in my case), it's a respectable 7.5/10. IT JUST WORKS!   Tell me, what Fallout do you like and I will tell you if you will like this series! It's damn simple, if you like the video game Fallout 1 and 2 and everything that came after was just pure evil, feeding on the brand, incomprehensible change of genre and presentation of the post-apocalyptic world, then you will definitely not like this series, each episode already in the intro has the Bethesda logo, it will evoke PTSD in you, it will simply remind you of the death of your beloved childhood... If you like Fallout 3 and 4, or even Fallout 76 (there were times when these people were even more endangered species than the vault dwellers on the surface), then you have just found a gem with a million references to your favorite games, whether it's a dog named Dogmeat (although he also appears in the first games), a character with the surname Howard, or maybe every location that seems damn familiar to you (gas station Red Rocket, Super Duper Mart...) and individual factions, that you'll know like the back of your hand. And what about fans of Fallout New Vegas? There are also some cowboys here, the main enemy is management and corporation, yeah even for them it will be a decent spectacle. Alright, but what if I haven't played any Fallout games? If you have a weakness for post-apocalyptic themes, then you should probably like the series as well. It has atmosphere, it has its own unique charisma, which is different from, for example, The Last of Us, it's bloody, occasionally bizarre, sometimes cynically funny, the story is also interesting, although it takes a while for it to fully unfold and show all its twists and turns, there are quite likable characters, although you may, like me, have to find your way with some of them for a while... So let's summarize - die-hard fans of Fallout 1+2 please step aside and give to waste!, at most one star. Fans of Fallout 3+4+76 please step forward and pull out 5*. Fans of New Vegas closer to the latter and 3* or 4*. Those of you who haven't seen anything, you can end up anywhere, but if you are interested in the topic, it will be 4*. And those who have seen everything, played everything (well, in my case except for Fallout 76) and know everything can give 7.5/10. IT JUST WORKS!

Succession - Season 2

KakaSuccession - Season 2(2019) 

Englisch While the firs season benefited primarily from an interesting and novel idea of how raw and authentic the corporate world of billionaire families can be and introduced us to characters in a very peculiar way that made you keep looking for signs of some good (without finding any), the second season focuses primarily on the characters and further develops their inner and outer worlds, their interaction with each other and their individual ideological characteristics. A freak show of slick suited and costumed elegance, driving Mercedes and sailing yachts, where the daily stress and hustle is dealt with in a kill or be killed way, because the winner gets everything. A corporate series with by far the most flamboyant and layered characters far and wide. All credit to the creators because they have given enormous care to each character and the result is also enormously good accordingly.

Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire

MrHladGhostbusters: Frozen Empire(2024) 

Englisch The world is in danger as an ancient spirit returns to the scene, intent on turning everything into ice, and he must be stopped by the Ghostbusters, young and old – or rather, the old ones. The sequel to the successfully rebooted franchise refuses to move on, relying on the nostalgia card, which of course stops working after half an hour. And then it gets bad. They don't really address the plot, the new characters or ideas, they just look for ways to reference something from the original films, forgetting that the film should build up, lead to something and you should care about the characters not just because you saw some of them thirty-five years ago. A useless film that may well bury the franchise.

Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire

NinadeLGhostbusters: Frozen Empire(2024) 

Englisch Ghostbusters 5 pleasantly build on Afterlife. In the meantime, the Spengler's have become full-fledged ghostbusters and continue in the New York tradition. The kids have grown up, Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray, and Ernie Hudson got a little more space and work alongside the new generation. A straightforward, uncomplicated, and relaxed continuation.

Ghostbusters: Legacy

NinadeLGhostbusters: Legacy(2021) 

Englisch Ghostbusters 4 unfortunately fell victim to covid and even after several years, the film's existence has gone largely unnoticed by those who obsessed over the original films. Which is a shame. Ghostbusters 3 had an advantage in terms of advertising thanks to the all-female team. The new generation revolves around the fact that Harold Ramis passed away, so the story mainly follows the Spengler family. The concept itself is very enjoyable, as the Spenglers have lived outside the realm of ghostbusters and with the exploration of their grandfather's legacy, memories of the adventures in the eighties can be refreshed for the audience. The forefront features the teenagers and their new buddies from the countryside. Everything fits together perfectly and eventually, Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray, and Ernie Hudson make an appearance, so everything is exactly as it should be. It's a return to a classic family show that has been missing for a long time.

Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead

EvilPhoEniXPoultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead(2006) 

Englisch "That chicken has declared jihad on us all!" I avoided this film for a long time, but I thought I'd give it a chance. It's an ultra brutal WTF flick from Troma that is beyond normal viewer taste – here I can really understand both a five-star and a Boo! Rating. But even though it's stupid crap at its core, the people who came up with this film are definitely not stupid. The premise is very original, the dialogue is surprisingly great, and the all sorts of politically incorrect innuendos and references to older horror films is delivered with such care that you can definitely feel the talent and love for the genre. 65% is a really nice above average for this kind of film. The first 40 minutes reminded me of the redneck American comedies of 20 years ago, and I actually had a decent laugh. Once the zombie-chicken carnage begins, it's a decent gore atrocity, with things happening that I haven't seen elsewhere (and all sorts of fluids squirting: blood, slime, shit, vomit! ). The film is not afraid of nudity, you don’t see so many boobs in horror movies nowadays. The film is more or less a satire and takes on fast food chains, lesbians, fat people, vegetarians, big corporations, movie clichés, Mexican Muslims (the Arab woman in the jihad really made me laugh!). To my surprise, even the sick musical numbers had interesting lyrics, you just can't make that stuff up. It's so perfectly twisted, incorrect and brutal that it won my heart. PS: The most enjoyable references are Day of the Dead, Aliens, The Thing, and Braindead. 80%

Sulis 1907

EvilPhoEniXSulis 1907(2023) 

Englisch A gripping story set in 1907, with miners facing hard times and difficult conditions. The story revolves around a young boy, Konrad, who escapes from a farm where he was forced to work for free. He applies for a job in a mine and has a pretty tough start, it's a not a job wimps and he's an outsider among the adults who don't give him much of a chance, but he surprises them and soon becomes a full member. The film tells a compelling story that immediately draws you in, captivated by the nice period setting, the rough work of the miners, who are treated badly, their pay is cut, they are given tough assignments and the management are getting greedy and want more money, but as it happens action provokes a reaction and rebellion is inevitable. Visually the film is very nice, so is the acting, it's even quite suspenseful in certain sequences, there are some skirmishes and minor plot surprises. All in all, a well made film with a strong story from a tough setting. 75%.

Jedeme na teambuilding

3DD!3Jedeme na teambuilding(2023) 

Englisch I used to think that I don't understand today's Czech humor, but it's partly a Romanian import! Strange caricatures trying to be satirical, wandering from nowhere to nowhere, spouting nonsense. Vojtěch Kotek is the only one with an interesting character and he revels in the position of a suicidal religious man. The chaotic ending about payoffs and finding happiness is shock made of plastic. The funniest thing in all the muck was the bunch from Brno.



Englisch I picked up this not rather unknown but highly praised film from Germany set in a religious facility! It is reminiscent in its concept to Nordic films like The Day Will Come, and its qualities are certainly not far from them. A young 14 year old who has problems at school and rebels against his stepfather is sent to a religious institution for hard to handle juveniles to "reform", but he is in for a very difficult time. Bullying by inmates and guards is rampant. Freistatt is a horrible place in the middle of nowhere, with bogs all around, and the wardens are, as is their wont, petty bitches with no compassion. Suspenseful, authentically unpleasant and decently gritty. Quite shocking at the end. Yeah, if, like me you haven’t heard of it, you should give it a go! 80%

The Holdovers - Fröhliches Unbehagen

EvilPhoEniXThe Holdovers - Fröhliches Unbehagen(2023) 

Englisch I was curious about this praised drama, what makes it so special that everybody admires it and it's not bad. I won’t get any hate from me, but at the same time I don't find much reason to be happy. It's just too ordinary for my taste, the premise was definitely not thought up by 10 heads over half a year, and for a film that can only rely on the story and the actors, I was expecting something more interesting. At least in terms of humour and emotions it's quite bland. When I compare it to films like Whiplash or Green Book, it's a different cup of tea. Paul Giamatti rather annoyed me with his squinting eye, but Dominic Sessa was fine. I would have enjoyed it more if it was set in a school with students. It was okay for one viewing, but I definitely won't go back to it again. 6/10.

Svoja vojna

EvilPhoEniXSvoja vojna(2022) 

Englisch A decent Russian war film set in Syria. A Russian soldier goes on his own to free his captured captain from ISIS and uses the US army to do it. The handing over of the prisoners for ransom turns into a firefight and so begins the hunt of the terrorists for the Russians through the war-torn territory of Syria and there are even Bedouins! Visually, the film is on par, you root for the main character through his courage and humanity, it's quite suspenseful and it all culminates in an action-packed shootout with snipers and machine guns. The finale raises it to a higher rating for me. Those who like films set in the Arab world should give it a chance. 7/10.



Englisch "Passage" by Karel Pecka is considered one of the classic texts from 68 Publishers, where it was first published in 1974. In Juraj Herz's film adaptation, it became a metaphor for the mid-nineties and immortalized the then appearance of the Lucerna club. Some of the ideas are great, others are dadaistic, and some are controversial, yet the whole brings an unexpected experience. Everything is here that I expect from Czech nineties, including the spicy Martina Adamcova.

Sleeping Dogs

EvilPhoEniXSleeping Dogs(2024) 

Englisch Decent job for a debut. It's more of a detective story than a mystery thriller though, and it's of a very classic cut, the whole film is about solving one 10 year-old case. Russell Crowe is back to digging into the case, as there may very well be an innocent man in prison and he wants to get to the bottom of it all. Crowe is well suited to roles like this and anyone who enjoys these genre films that involve an investigation, an interrogation and a chase for the truth might be satisfied. The ending is surprising, just when you though you’ve guessed the identity of the killer, there's a pretty major twist that adds plus points. It has a rather slower pace. 6/10.

Oomuro-ke: Dear Sisters

JeoffreyOomuro-ke: Dear Sisters(2024) 

Englisch This charming, and funny Yuru Yuri spin-off gives us a peek into the daily lives of Oomuro Sakurako and her two sisters, along with their circle of friends. It's a collection of various stories woven into a single film, each offering its own charm. Trust me, those 40 minutes will breeze by like a summer day. My favorite character surprisingly isn't one of the Ómura sisters, but Misaki whose height just isn't feeling well today and who's most definitely not afraid of the dark or rain. This feisty, competitive tsundere stole the show for me, adding a hilarious dynamic to every scene she graces. I'd happily watch an entire series centered around her, Hanako-sama, and their classmates. The animation and music are as delightful as ever, keeping true to the Yuru Yuri series' signature style. I thoroughly enjoyed it and eagerly await the sequel. 8/10



Englisch Fuck old people!! The Elderly is a decent Spanish film that slowly builds up the atmosphere to culminate in decently intense horror in the last act. The film focuses on cases of Alzheimer's disease, hallucinatory senile symptoms, climate change and electromagnetic pollution. The craftsmanship is good, the unsettling atmosphere works throughout and the ending is really very good and uncomfortable. Pity there wasn’t a final girl who picked up a machete or a chainsaw and started cutting things up real good, I would have pretty much wrung my head in excitement – maybe Jaume Balaguero would have done that :) Anyway, still a decent three stars, I had fun. 65%.