Ted Kramer, der quirlige Werbefachmann, ist befördert worden. Doch statt Champagner erwartet ihn zu Hause der Abschiedsbrief seiner Frau. Joanna hat Mann und Kind verlassen, um künftig ihr eigenes Leben zu führen. Neben seinem 14-Stunden-Job muss sich Ted von nun an um Sohn Billy kümmern. Schon bald entbrennt um Billys Sorgerecht ein Kampf, der von beiden Seiten mit härtesten Bandagen geführt wird... (KinoweltTV)


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Englisch A timeless relationship drama whose ideas and expressions transcend all generations. Minimum space, maximum acting, brilliant script and unusually dynamic direction for the time. A retro version of Marriage Story, where mobile phones and computers may be missing, but the main idea and relationship problems are portrayed brilliantly. ()


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Englisch I categorically declare that this melodrama is too melodramatic and shallow at the same time, despite all the effort put into it. It does touch on the serious topic of family breakdown and conflicts over raising a child, as well as the fact that the film features the most significant actors of their generation in the main roles. However, I simply feel that it is a flat film that lacks the rawness it truly needs and is afraid to show the conflict in all its complexity and hopelessness. I know several cases where painful reality far surpassed a Hollywood script. This film manipulates the viewer's emotions skillfully and its craftsmanship cannot be denied, but it did not evoke any emotional catharsis in me. Overall impression: 65%. ()



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Englisch I would say that this time the authors put together the best they could and were so full of confidence that they put the best of their time into a family drama, which ends in a trial, which is something I really hate. Luckily, the result is not so bad and that is mostly because Dustin Hoffman and Meryl Streep show their usual maximum. ()


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Englisch With the exception of one slightly exaggerated scene (when Ted and Billy are preparing breakfast for the first time, it reminded me – and I’m not joking – to the Czech film Pánská Jízda), this film is flawless. I was expecting it to be solid, but I didn’t think Kramer vs. Kramer would be so touching. 10/10 ()


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Englisch In the group of films that try to explore the issue of crumbling marriage from any perspective, this particular masterpiece remains unwaveringly at the top. And the proverbial medal of merit goes especially to Dustin Hoffman, who once again confirms his acting genius, and of course also to his counterpart Meryl Streep, whose performance is very intense and strong even in a small space. But the Oscar winner in a year when Coppola not only hit the movie world with his legendary and fantastic Apocalypse Now? No way! That seems to be the only blemish on the beauty of this thought-provoking dramatic tale. 85% ()

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