Dick Tracy

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Die wohl schillerndste Verfilmung eines Comics die es je gegeben hat: Dick Tracy (Warren Beatty) ist kein muskelbepackter Superheld im Kostüm, sondern ein pflichtbewusster und sensibler Detetive im Kampf gegen die übelsten Unterwelttypen der Stadt. Zusammen mit dem Straßenkind 'Kid' legt er sich mit dieser ehrenwerten Gesellschaft an (u.a. mit Al Pacino und Dustin Hoffman) und gerät somit schnell an die Spitze ihrer Abschussliste. Um ihn loszuwerden hängt ihm der Boss der Bosse einen hinterhältigen Mord an, der Tracy seinen Job bei der Polizei kostet. Als ihm dann auch noch das mysteriöse Bargirl 'Heiserchen Mahoney' (Madonna) Avancen macht und seine Beziehung ins Wanken bringt, muss Tracy zeigen aus welchem Holz echte Helden geschnitzt sind. (Touchstone Home Entertainment)


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Englisch A major favourite to top the ranking of star-studded bad movies. Not to put too fine a point on it, it has a very nice soundtrack, a distinctive cinematography that interestingly distorts the already distorted space, and a stylization that makes it unmistakable. And last but not least, there's Al Pacino, who savours every line and deserves all the acting awards in the world for his perfect vocal intonation alone. Warren Beatty is fine as a lead character, but as a director... Well, let's just say he picked a weak narcissistic moment and blew off what he could. The plot moves forward at an insane pace and there’s no chance to get bored, but at the same time I felt it was missing some exposition scenes, which were replaced by superfluous sequences that did not lose momentum, but made the consistency of the narrative rather shabby. But mainly, this was supposed to be a comedy, yet the jokes are few and far between (and all of them are Pacino's) and the parodying of gangsters is very dodgy. The intention was good, but the end result should have been either something in the style of Burton's Batman or a pure comedy ride, and not this weird mix. ()

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