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Ein einstiger Gegenspieler ist drauf und dran, einen gewagten Racheplan in die Tat umzusetzen. Dorons einzige Verteidigungsstrategie ist sein ehemaliges Undercover-Team. (Netflix)

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alle Kritiken

Englisch I have to commend the artfully constructed script with so many twists, quite a large cast of interesting characters, the subtly built sinister tension and the uniquely balanced quality of both seasons, with the second season being slightly more emotional than the first. My only complaint concerns the rather unlikely denouement. (85%) ()


alle Kritiken (zu dieser Serie)

Englisch The creators really surprised me. After a very well-managed first season, I was expecting a certain drop in quality, but the opposite was true. The second season came with a well-written script, the story had great atmosphere, brought plenty of suspense and excellent action scenes. The open ending was a clear invitation to watch the third season, so I was disappointed to find out how things are. Never mind, maybe it was for the best. ()



alle Kritiken (zu dieser Serie)

Englisch The second season is definitely better, but I'm saving my full score for season 3, which I expect the most from. The second season is pulled up a lot by the villain, thick emotions and a few unexpected twists. It's got a decent pace again and overall I'm enjoying it a lot, even if the action is again less than I'd like, and I'm missing a scene to show someone, but still, I'm satisfied. 8/10. ()

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