Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

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USA, (2015–2019), 41 h 52 min (Minutenlänge: 22–43 min)


Rachel Bloom, Aline Brosh McKenna


Rachel Bloom, Donna Lynne Champlin, Santino Fontana, Vincent Rodriguez III, Vincent Rodriguez III (Arch.), Vella Lovell, Gabrielle Ruiz, Pete Gardner (mehr)
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Rachel Bloom ist Rebecca Bunch, eine erfolgreiche Anwältin, die Teilhaberin einer angesehen New Yorker Kanzlei ist. Aus einer Laune heraus gibt die 26-jährige Singlefrau jedoch ihren Job und ihr teures Apartment in Manhattan auf und zieht ins kalifornische West Covina, wo ihr langjähriger Schwarm Josh Chan, mit dem sie zehn Jahre zuvor im Sommercamp ein Techtelmechtel hatte, lebt. Wird die Großstadtpflanze Rebecca im beschaulichen West Covina tatsächlich ihr großes Glück finden? (ProSieben FUN)


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Englisch Season 1 – 90% – Even sad things can be told in a cheerful way, and although I often shed tears over Miss Rebecca's troubles, I also can't help but laugh at the situations she gets herself into. As a viewer who looks beyond the first impression, I sense a certain occasional darkness behind the musical excitement. Rachel Bloom has learned many things from life, but it is precisely those bittersweet moments when one loves but is not loved in return that make her stand out. Among the other characters, Darryl surprised me the most, growing from a potential nuisance to a miraculous supporter with his own separate and surprisingly introspective storyline. Season 2 – 90% – Unhappy Rebecca is much better than selfish Rebecca. The love triangle and everything around it, as always, is responsible for great songs, but it's not until the particular relationship situation is resolved (which happens quite unexpectedly) that the true second season begins. This season, without the cumbersome start, is one of the highlights of what I have ever seen. The girl power that the main character shares with Paula, Heather, and surprisingly Valencia is immeasurable. Whether Brittany Snow or the new addition, boss Nathaniel, make guest appearances, there are chains of hilarious jokes and brilliant musical ideas. Season 3 – 100% – If the third season from West Covina wasn't the best thing I have had the pleasure of watching on screen in the past year, it was definitely the most entertaining. There are so many barely noticeable musical jokes, parodies, and perfect verses that it's hard to believe Aline Brosh McKenna's team saved them for so long. Combined with the escalating "mental" storyline, which has always been the fundamental plot device for me, it is a perfectly complex yet highly controversial and unacceptable experience for many. The fact that the viewership is almost negligible and the relatively predictable tactics of the CW network still included approval for a final season is a small miracle. Season 4 – 90% – Different in some ways, more serious, and sometimes even mature, but simultaneously headstrong and intimate in decisive moments. The final season answers all the crucial questions, lightly unveils the future, and ends exactly as the creative team had planned from the very beginning – and thanks to Skylar Astin's participation, it successfully makes me forget my hatred for Greg. Maybe it's not a fairytale ending, but it was never meant to be. In my eyes, Rebecca belongs in a specific embrace, one in which she didn't ultimately end up. I'm okay with that. Even in a relationship musical comedy with the word "girlfriend" in the title, a happy ending can lie in something much higher. ()

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