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Paris, 1947. Inspector Roger Borniche ist ein hoch angesehener Polizist. Er sieht sich selbst als vehementen Bekämpfer des nationalen Verbrechens. Gleichzeitig verabscheut er die brutalen Methoden seiner Kollegen. Er hat die Gelegenheit sein menschliches Einfühlungsvermögen zu prüfen, als er den Fall Emile Buisson übernimmt. Der bereits überführte Gangster Buisson konnte aus der Psychiatrie entkommen und hält die Polizei von diesem Zeitpunkt ab in Atem. Ein packender Wettlauf gegen die Zeit beginnt. (Verleiher-Text)


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alle Kritiken

Englisch An exemplary French filmmaking, which is also dominated by the good old Czech dubbing. Without it I don’t think it would be worth the five stars, but the dubbing makes Alain Delon and Jean-Louis Trintignant seem so perfect that the film gives you goosebumps throughout the whole story, which is essential for a proper French crime drama. ()


alle Kritiken

Englisch At first, it looks absolutely great. Alain Delon is simply classically good as a proper cop, but Jean-Louis Trintignant is absolutely fantastic as a scoundrel. Unfortunately, as the film progresses, that... actually, the progression disappears and the ending disappointed me more, and those feelings stayed with me above all. What a pity. ()



alle Kritiken

Englisch As much as I love Delon, here he was not the best choice. This is a role for someone from the Ventura or Gabin class, and not for such a “dandy". Alain would be more suited to the role of the tough guy cop. Still, he's good, just not as good as he could have been and should have been. And this is actually the only complaint, because otherwise Flic Story is a classic 70s French crime story with all the strengths that implies. And there are plenty of them -- no doubt about it. ()

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