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Als in ihrem Leben alles schief läuft, zieht eine junge Frau auf die malerische Insel Jeju, wo ihr ein sorgloser Koch begegnet, der kaum Ambitionen hat. (Netflix)

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Englisch I'm so ashamed that I was so suspicious of the choice of actors. Both So-ra Kang and Yeon-seok Yoo were amazing. Their characters (especially the protagonist) were well written, so it wasn't hard to fall for them at all. And I was surprised by the supporting characters as well. I was even worried at first there about who they cast there as well. But when all’s said and done, with one exception (yes, the main character's sister), I liked them all. So in the end, I'm very glad they chose less familiar faces. The writers, as expected, did a great job too. Again, there was no shortage of references to their previous works and jokes in situations when you least expect them. The music just underlined the fresh, summer atmosphere and I feel like buying a ticket to Jeju immediately. A charming and endearing series from start to finish. And while it's not a masterpiece that changed my worldview, it made me feel warm and cozy inside. 4.5 stars. ()