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Holden erarbeitet in den Mordfällen von Atlanta ein umstrittenes Täterprofil. Wendy ist bei ihrer ersten Befragung an vorderster Front ganz in ihrem Element. (Netflix)

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Englisch With his cacophonous music, Hill underpins one of the most powerful scenes in the series. Great writing. Episode four is textbook-tight, preparing the ground for understanding the finale using just one narrative line. Andrew Dominik brings very strong emotions into Mindhunter. Full marks from me. ()


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Englisch The best interrogation of the entire series so far. Plus an intriguingly evolving story line in Atlanta and the climactic final minutes, where perhaps even more disturbing than the scene itself is the specific tone of Jason Hill's score. ()



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Englisch The fourth episode nicely demonstrated that politics negatively affects not only sports (e.g. figure skating) but also various murder investigations. Wayne Williams' investigation struggled with the mayor's disfavor, and since the police focused on African Americans based on the FBI profile, it also lost support from the black community. An interesting topic to reflect on. ()

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