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Als neue Einsichten zu einer ersten Verhaftung führen, schließt sich Dr. Wendy Carr den Ermittlern Holden und Tench an. (Netflix)

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Englisch From start to finish, the creators nailed it, earning a full five stars from me, largely thanks to the incredible atmosphere of the seventies. Witnessing Bill lighting a cigarette on the plane was truly an experience in itself. Despite the leisurely pace at which the story unfolds in each episode — I can't tear myself away from it. ()


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Englisch Probably a dream come true for all die-hard fans of David Fincher. OK for the rest of us so far, but after the second episode I would expect the pacing and atmosphere to be put in second gear. In the third episode, however, we slow down a bit again and the protagonists kind of stagger in place, just like the viewer who is expecting a second Se7en, but Mindhunter probably has a slightly different target audience and ambition – it feels much more documentary-like than cinematic. At least for now, it’s a bit early for a more comprehensive assessment. Most interesting so far is the deepening of a strange buddy relationship between the two FBI agents. ()


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