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Im Jahr 1977 nimmt Holden Ford, ein frustrierter Geiselnahmenvermittler des FBI, mit dem erfahrenen Agenten Bill Tench eine neue Art von Killer unter die Lupe. (Netflix)

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Englisch Having read John Douglas and Mark Olshaker's "Mindhunter," I knew what I was getting into this time. Knowing the source material well, I didn't anticipate a flurry of action, and I wasn't let down. While the series only occasionally dips into the source material, I found the initial episode promising. If it continues in this vein, I have no complaints. ()


alle Kritiken (zu dieser Serie)

Englisch Smart, cool, economical, surgically fine-tuned and at the moment absolutely devoid of any heart or pulse. But that is very likely to be a problem only for the first episode. ()


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