Adventure writer John Weatherby played by Peter Graves is called in to investigate a series of brutal murders that has investigators confused. The clues are not clear and leave no clear trail. The tracks left at the murder site appear to be that of a wolf a man or both! Lost in his search for answers Weatherby contacts his old friend Bryon played by Clint Walker a mysterious hunter and a recluse to help him track this unknown killer. His friend is not much help but may know more than he's willing to say. The suspense and terror builds as danger lurks in the shadows of the night. (Verleiher-Text)


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Deutsch Darüber, dass Dan Curtis eine drückende Atmosphäre auch mit einem kleinen Budget zaubern konnte, überzeugte ich mich bereits in dem Film Das Landhaus der toten Seelen (1976). Auch in diesem Fall stützt sich der Regisseur auf qualitativ hochwertige Schauspieler und eindrucksvolle Musik, die die Spannung erhöht, selbst wenn gerade nichts passiert. Und gemäß dem Motto "du hast Angst vor dem, was du nicht siehst" fährt er von Anfang an auf seinen Gleisen. Also kein Gore, nur Dunkelheit und mit dichtem Nebel bedeckte Wälder. Für Fernsehverhältnisse ein ziemlich anständiger "Werwolf"-Horrorfilm... 70 Prozent. ()


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Englisch A typical representative of 70's horror. Forget about brutality, jump-scares or frantic action scenes, Dan Curtis relies fully on the dense atmosphere of the misty woods where a deadly and unknown danger lurks. The plot is as stale as it gets, but the final twist is surprisingly unpredictable and the execution is good overall, so even the most die-hard werewolf movie opponent should be able to endure the 78 minutes in peace. Scream of the Wolf is an enjoyable little horror flick that may not impress with its modest production design or performances, but for the carefully built tension and the effort to wow the viewer with something original, and it’s definitely worthy of more attention. ()


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