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Set during India's battle for independence from Britain, the film begins with Ava returning to her native land after spending several years in England. Her true loyalties, and her own sense of who she really is, are put to the test by the two men in her life: Stewart Granger, whose job it is to prevent saboteurs from destroying the trains at Bhowani Junction, and Bill Travers, another half-caste. When she kills a potential rapist in self-defense, Ava is given comfort by Communist insurrectionist Peter Illing, further dividing her fidelities. A climactic attempt on the life of Mahatma Gandhi provides a rousing finish to thisromantic melodrama. (Verleiher-Text)


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Englisch I can't help but feel that the movie Bhowani Junction left me with a sense of mediocrity throughout. Certainly, there is an attempt to address, or at least portray, some social issues, but it all felt so straightforward to me that it was clear how it must end. The romance in the background was in the foreground too much. ()

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