The gardener Kráčmera, his wife Barbora and daughter Baruška win half a million in the lottery and their lifestyle gradually changes as a result. The Kráčmeras move into a town flat and the mother and daughter go shopping for city clothes but are criticised for it by their former neighbours. The mother also helps her pregnant niece. Kráčmera the gardener promises his former employer that he will continue to tend his garden. Soon the Kráčmeras buy a new house. On an outing with her music teacher, Baruška meets the medical student Václav. Václav's uncle, the former head forester Fiala, causes a commotion when he comes to visit the family. The mother makes a scene at the market when she is buying food for the betrothal lunch and she is brought home by a policeman, without any shopping. Václav asks for Baruška's hand in marriage and Mrs. Kráčmerová tells her husband that it is they who are going to be bringing up a child. It later becomes clear that Mrs. Kráčmerová is going to be a mother again. Wedding preparations are in progress at Fiala's lodge and Fiala's past love Lilinka comes on a visit, and in the end two weddings take place. Mrs. Kráčmerová takes the place of the bellringer, who has fallen asleep. (Verleiher-Text)


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Englisch A delight based on the book by Popelka Biliánová. So far I have compared Anton and Slavínský's versions and it is too difficult to choose, but both versions of the first adventures of Kráčmerka are significantly equal. Although the silent version oscillates between the 1920s and the top Austro-Hungarian apparatus, it is nevertheless delightful in the number of women of such a level that even Milka Balek-Brodská stands out among them as a true cinema star. While Slavínský elevated the lottery ticket plot to a modern mid-30s show and equipped his heroes with two million, here a much smaller sum was used. The moment I see Speerger as attractive, it's clear that this is an epic-level film. ()

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