Die Folterkammer des Hexenjägers

  • USA The Haunted Palace (mehr)


Neuengland, 1765: Bevor Hexenmeister Curwen (Vincent Price) bei lebendigem Leib verbrannt wird, belegt er die Dorfbewohner mit einem Fluch. 110 Jahre später zieht Curwens Nachfahre Charles Dexter Ward (ebenfalls Price) in den Palast des Hexers. Nach und nach ergreift Curwens Geist von Wards Besitz… (Verleiher-Text)

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Englisch The first Lovecraft film adaptation and it’s so good. A forgotten town that for centuries has been under the curse of a wizard burned at the stake sees the return of a descendant of said wizard and things begin to happen. The atmosphere is great, but the story, unfortunately, doesn’t have much of an effect and the way it’s told is very naive for today’s standards. It didn’t blow my mind, but The Haunted Palace is still worth watching. ()


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Englisch Vincent Price teamed up with another legend, Lon Chaney Jr., in the film, but it's still Price who carries it. Thanks to him, you'll feel chills, even during the last scene you'll see in the film. Roger Corman once again proved that adaptations are his forte, among other things, because he can interpret them in his own way and doesn't strictly adhere to the source material. The Haunted Palace can give you chills. ()


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