Peggy Sue war auf der Highschool ein beliebtes Mädchen, und mit ihren Freundinnen und ihrem Freund Charlie genoss sie das Leben. Doch dann wurde sie schwanger, und Charlie, den sie geheiratet hatte, hat sie wegen einer anderen Frau verlassen. Auf einem Klassentreffen fällt sie dann plötzlich in Ohnmacht und wacht in ihrer Jugend wieder auf. Zunächst verwirrt, sieht Peggy Sue schon blad ihre Chance, ihr Leben endlich in die richtige Bahn zu lenken… (Verleiher-Text)


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Englisch This nice, slowly flowing retro comedy based on Kathleen Turner's character acting was filmed just a year after the big commercial hit Back to the Future and was clearly inspired by it, both visually and musically. However, the screenplay does not use sci-fi motifs and the arrival in the past is explained by a dreamlike story. It's a professionally made film without any significant weaknesses, but perhaps it's not as flashy on the surface as Coppola's films are known for. It is an unassuming, slightly sentimental, and above all romantic spectacle. The romantic music by John Barry plays a very important role. Overall impression: 75%. ()


alle Kritiken

Englisch An easygoing film that despite its appealing premise doesn’t deliver many original twists or confrontations. The performances are great, Turner in the 80s didn’t have much competition, the unruly Cage is traditionally funny and there’s also Jim Carrey in the back practising his rubber face, perhaps for the first time; the soundtrack is flawless and Coppola shows his firm director’s hand, even in a small movie like this. And yet, it’s nothing but slightly above-par with routinely arranged characters and a not very convincing finale that almost makes it to 4*. ()


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