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Beim überstürzten Aufbruch in den Weihnachtsurlaub wird der achtjährige Kevin in der Eile von seinen Eltern daheim vergessen. Schon bald macht er die Bekanntschaft mit zwei merkwürdigen Gaunern, die die Abwesenheit der Hausbewohner ausnützen wollen. Fest entschlossen, das Haus zu verteidigen, greift Kevin zu Methoden, die aus Fernsehen und Comics stammen. (ORF)


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Englisch Home Alone is one of my biggest favorites. It ALWAYS stops me from doing any activity and reminds me of my childhood. And there's something inside that tickles me so pleasantly. Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without Kevin. And as someone else wrote, it's an unpretentious movie for the whole family. I loved it as a little kid, and I think I'll love it as a grandmother too. Too bad Macaulay Culkin couldn't do anything decent after that. Some people have it backwards with fame... ()


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Englisch Kevin just mustn’t be missing from the Christmas TV schedule. Even though I've seen his escapades at least ten times, I always really enjoy them and my laughter is heart-felt (the nail in the foot, the falling iron, head on fire, etc.). Plus, John Williams' soundtrack is one of his best. Home Alone is simply a Christmas tradition. ()



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Englisch This is a Christmas classic in every sense. Anyone who hasn’t seen it is as if they didn’t exist, and anyone who isn't amused by the thieves Pesci and Stern and a house full of ‘sophisticated’ traps, has no sense of humour. Some of the scenes have lost their charm with the years, and I don’t find the whiny Macaulay Culkin as likeable as I used to, but in Columbus's family rendition, the film is still incredibly relaxing, cult-classic entertainment that I revisit every year. ()


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Englisch This is simply a legendary film that remains entertaining even after multiple viewings, always inventive, and will probably forever remain the best thing Chris Columbus ever directed. Although he has other interesting films to his credit, not just "Harry Potter," this is simply such an original film that served as inspiration for further sequels and other films, that it is simply impossible to forget its significance. And above all, it is still a fantastic not only Christmas entertainment for the whole family. ()

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