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Chuck Barris (Sam Rockwell) träumt schon in frühen Jahren von einer Blitzkarriere im TV-Geschäft. Schöne Frauen, heiße Nächte, das schnelle Geld - all das soll für den bislang an Minderwertigkeitskomplexen leidenden jungen Mann Wirklichkeit werden. Mit den US-TV-Shows "The Dating Game" und "The Gong Show" moderiert er sich in die Herzen der Zuschauer. Sein privates Glück findet er bei Penny (Drew Barrymore). Anscheinend vermisst er den gewissen Kick im Leben, denn er lässt sich auf ein gefährliches Angebot des geheimnisvollen Jim Byrd (George Clooney) ein: Chuck wird als Auftragskiller der CIA rekrutiert. Man trifft ihn an den Krisenherden der Welt, er nimmt an Ausbildungscamps teil und trifft auf die Femme fatale Patricia (Julia Roberts). Doch die Konkurrenz schläft nicht: Plötzlich wird Chuck vom KGB verfolgt und muss feststellen, dass sein Doppelleben zwischen Entertainment und Spionage in Gefahr ist... (Buena Vista Int. DE)


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Englisch Rockwell proves that he can play not only eccentrics and villains, but he is also convincing in more serious roles. Despite his convincing performance and Clooney's surprisingly inventive direction, the film gives a somewhat confused impression, although in Kaufman's case we can talk about a relatively "normal" script. It's a pity that the story didn't appeal to me either plot-wise or emotionally enough to make me want to watch it again; once is enough. But very remarkable for a debut, George. ()


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Englisch Clooney is not afraid. He tells a bold story, jumping from comedy to drama, from action movie to romance, shoots a two-second cameo of Matt Damon and Brad Pitt, and cuts himself the best supporting role. Rockwell and Barrymore, who is really excellent for the first time in her career, of course greatly help him. Yes, the story skips forward for a while and then stops and "deals with" something. But in this case, it incredibly works. "You're 32 and you're not doing anything. Jesus already had crucifixion and resurrection by 33." ()



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Englisch George Clooney's certain directorial invention cannot be denied, and if we take into account this is his directorial debut, then the thumbs. Unfortunately, the film is somehow convoluted in terms of content, and the viewer tends to get lost in it very often. Additionally, the story of the killer/talker did not emotionally appeal to me, so all that was left was to solely observe the camera acrobatics and constant changes in toning and filters. ()


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Englisch A formally incredibly polished toy with that kind of "mwahaha" in the background, which goes a long way toward explaining why in some films you feel like Clooney is looking through the camera a little too much. He's got directorial ideas, a flair for cynicism and irony, a clever way with set pieces (which came in handy in his subsequent, shot-on-the-same-floor-of-a-house Good Night and Good Luck), and plenty of pals for funny cameos. He's just a badass. ()


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Englisch Clooney proves that he can direct and that he holds a lot of promise to the future. The powerful visuals are one of the main aspects building the atmosphere of this picture, while the long running time is one of the main minus points here. The screenplay by Kaufman is excellent as always, and is supported by outstanding acting performances. A nice surprise here is a solid performance from Drew Barrymore after years of nothing and so it is easy to let yourself be sucked into the biographical fantasy of this at first sight ordinary drama. ()

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