Adam Korkorán, the captain of a Prague boat company, lives in his dreams of commanding ocean-going vessels although in reality he travels only with a small steamer along the Vltava. The company's director has continual problems with him, and therefore when Korkorán refuses to go into retirement he sends him at least to a spa. At the train station in Poděbrady, however, an attendant of the most expensive spa hotel mistakenly carries off his suitcase with the luggage of a wealthy lady. And so it happens that Korkorán is taken for the captain of a corvette and a wealthy man. The man, bedazzled by the luxury, makes friends with a retired admiral and begins to play-act with the spa guests and with himself. He is even proclaimed the most favourite guest of the season. When he runs low on money he writes his housekeeper to send him all of his savings. The fearful woman decides to go to Korkorán and thus the truth comes to light. The crushed captain goes home and waits for a dismissal notice from work, but it turns out that the owner of the company is his friend the admiral. Korkorán is named chief inspector and he marries his housekeeper. (Verleiher-Text)


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alle Kritiken

Englisch Vlasta Burian and his classic uniformed hero on his way to the 20th century. While we follow the escapades of the contemporary Adam Korkorán, who, by chance, passes himself off as a retired corvette captain, the real veteran of the proverbial Krieagsmarine finds himself perplexed. ()


alle Kritiken

Englisch I was expecting something quite different, but it indeed seemed strange to me for Vlasta Burian to be in an adventure-action film. But that doesn't matter at all because his gags are just fantastic here, and some of the jokes are simply unique. Moreover, they're always enhanced by his delivery, which is incredibly natural. Every silly thing he says is just laugh-out-loud funny. ()


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