Eva is a gymnast, training for an important competition after which she wants to drop the career of professional sportswoman. Věra is a housewife caring for a four-year old son and a husband. The two women do not know each other, but still have many things in common - they both are in their thirties, and both have found themselves in the whirligig of day-to-day stereotypes which make them worn out and disgusted. Věra tries to solve her dissatisfaction with life by finding a lover, Eva is forced by her husband, her coach and a ballet master to carry on with her endless training for competition. Eventually she manages to learn even the feared backwards salto. After some time, Věra realizes she does not have anything in common with her lover, and splits with him. Eva wins the competition. Now, she will have enough time to indulge in her hobbies and to realize her dreams. She, however, is unable to leave the gym and becomes a coach herself. Věra does not change her life either, although fate offers her a chance: her husband tells her he wants to get divorced. Only then does she begin to fight for her marriage and eventually manages to get her husband to stay with her and the child. (Verleiher-Text)


Kritiken (1)


alle Kritiken

Englisch Two intimate storylines, both about pretty much nothing, both connected by a perceptive directorial touch, narrative ease and psychological credibility. A portrait of two different women at the edge of a nervous breakdown that doesn’t embellish reality, but captures it in a documentary manner, allowing us to delve deep into it. There is no need to see it more than once, but it’s definitely one of the basic pillars that define the formal level and content of Czech new wave. ()

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