Supercop Kevin ist zum Verkehrsdienst degradiert worden und wird nach einer Prügelei mit den Schlägern eines Gangsters sogar vom Dienst suspendiert. Als er sich gerade mit seiner Freundin May in den Urlaub verabschieden will, wird er plötzlich reaktiviert: Eine Verbrecherbande erpresst den Unternehmer Mr. Fu und hat bereits ein Einkaufszentrum in die Luft gesprengt. Nun drohen die Gangster mit weiteren Anschlägen... (RTL Nitro)


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Englisch Jackie either has to love cinema and his job, or he's outrageously greedy and one salary isn't enough for him. Judge for yourself - he sings the main song, he acts, makes jokes, he wrote it, participated significantly in the choreography, treats injured stuntmen, but also does stunts himself and, just by the way, he also directed it. And all this he has accomplished even better than last time, but only by the breadth of a hair from the chest of a Chinese Crested Dog. But maybe it's because this one is perhaps not more serious but certainly less cheerful and, in any case, more of an action-like sequel, that it appealed to me more. But really by just that hair’s breadth. ()


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Englisch Jackie Chan still delivers powerful blows and it's evident that he is also a capable director. He's entertaining, with genuinely comical moments in his films, complemented by incredibly long action scenes and fights that beautifully showcase his mastery of choreography. It's true that it's more dance-like than strictly martial arts, but I simply enjoy this action spectacle. ()


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