Endlich gelingt Detective Kevin der große Coup: Nach langer Jagd kann er den mächtigen Boss eines Drogensyndikats hinter Schloss und Riegel bringen. Doch der Jubel hält nicht lange - durch juristische Finessen ist der Gangster schon bald wieder auf freiem Fuß. Als Kevin zudem der Mord an einem Kollegen in die Schuhe geschoben wird, muss sich der Detective nicht nur gegen skrupellose Dealer und Killer, sondern auch gegen Rächer aus den eigenen Reihen behaupten. (kabel eins)


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Englisch Police Story is considered an essential example of Hong Kong action cinema, but it is forgotten that this film established the genre’s enduring form. Jackie Chan, who worked on the film as the lead actor and stuntman, as well as the choreographer of the action scenes, screenwriter and director, already had a stellar career in Hong Kong at the time thanks to his acrobatically imaginative kung-fu comedies, though he had also made two failed attempts to break into the American market. Police Story was his spectacular comeback, with which he proved that he could surpass American productions many times over in the domestic environment. Chan thus combined the attractions of stunt action (imported to Hong Kong a few years earlier by the first instalment of the box-office mega-hit Aces Go Places) and martial arts with the urban police-thriller genre, while maintaining his popular image as a good-hearted hero and purveyor of acrobatic slapstick humour. The resulting film, in which a principled cop goes after an unscrupulous tycoon despite punches, bullets and bureaucracy, became a domestic and international sensation. It also established Jackie Chan as Hong Kong’s biggest living star and remains his most ambitious work to this day. ()


alle Kritiken

Englisch Jackie Chan is simply an incredible stunt performer, which he fully demonstrates in this case. His bus ride is unbelievable. I literally longed for classic stunt sequences that you don't see much anymore. And if we do see them, someone else is doing them instead of the main actor. Jackie is absolutely captivating and unique in this, plus he has a good and entertaining story alongside him in this case. ()


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