With her parents away on an overnight trip, Libby (Andi Garrett) amuses herself by joining her friend Kit (Sarah Lane) in calling up strangers and whispering, 'I saw what you did.' When Libby dials Steve Marak (John Ireland), a psychopath who just murdered his wife (Joyce Meadows), his jealous neighbour (Joan Crawford) listens in on the call - a conversation that ends with the panicky killer determined to silence them all. (Shock Entertainment)


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Englisch I love William Castle and look forward to every film of his that I haven't seen so far. And so far he has never let me down. He was able to make a simple film in a way that entertained me, which is the case with I Saw What You Did. The girls did a great job and John Ireland did great playing the role of the bastard. The ending is a bit simple, but I also didn't expect it to be particularly gritty. ()

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