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Deutsch Einer der besten tschechischen Kriegsfilme. Die Auswahl ist natürlich nicht besonders groß, L.E.G.I.O.N. - Höllentor Sahara hätte aber mehr Bekanntheit verdient. Der Film ist zwar nicht so fesselnd wie Das Attentat oder Riders in the Sky, er ist nicht so ausgefeilt wie Dark Blue World oder Tobruk - Libyen 1941 und nicht so monumental wie die Filme von Otakar Vávra… ABER: Er zeigt auf eine beeindruckende Art und Weise (natürlich dank der sensationellen Schauspieler, an der Spitze mit Radoslav Brzobohatý und Rudolf Hrušínský), wozu Menschen in gespannten Situationen fähig sind. Er analysiert die Psyche der verzweifelten und durstigen Soldaten bis in die letzte graue Zelle. Das Ergebnis wird dem Publikum ziemlich unbarmherzig und gleichgültig (im Stil "lieber Zuschauer, entscheide dich selbst, was du darüber denkst") serviert. Ich bin wirklich zufrieden. ()


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Englisch Oasis is a very contradictory film. Among the many positives are the strong cast and the commitment of the actors, who gave their maximum in demanding conditions and with the awareness that they were contributing to a truly exceptional work. The desert environment is naturally attractive, and above all, the story takes place in a taboo environment with taboo heroes. To say that Oasis is a forgotten film is grossly inaccurate because this film never really had a chance in distribution for understandable reasons. The austere filming conditions and the remoteness of the location contributed to a high sense of authenticity. It is not, and considering the limited budget, it could not be a big war movie, but rather an intimate psychological drama of a few soldiers from two enemy armies who are forced to face thirst and a sense of isolation in an extremely difficult environment. However, the weak point of the film is the uneven screenplay. The film gives the impression of being unfinished, as if the money ran out during filming or rather, that there was a ban from higher authorities. At the end, ten minutes of the story are simply missing. At the same time, it is necessary to point out that Zbyněk Brynych was not among the best Czech directors, and there are places where it shows in the film. A typical example is the scenes where exhausted, thirsty soldiers rest exposed to the effects of the sun's rays, while they could have hidden in the shade of nearby ruins... Overall impression: 60%. ()


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Englisch This is desperately monotonous and unbelievably drawn-out story about people wandering in the desert. I forgive it for the lack of a stronger plot, but on the other hand I reject the dysfunctional characters, gibberish dialogue, and moments that lack a single bit of common sense. The actors suffered through the filming and, unfortunately, so did I when watching it. ()

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