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alle Kritiken

Englisch Václav Binovec was, among other things, a leading author of Czech legionary films. He gained this position thanks to the success of For the Freedom of the Nation, a film that stayed in movie theaters throughout the last decade of the silent era. The ideal time for one of his comebacks was, of course, October 28, 1928. The story of a Czech man and a Slovak woman could not disappoint in any way and Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk himself took part in it. All in all, this is transparent, yet all the more necessary positive Masaryk propaganda. Unfortunately, that propaganda was later marked by an artistic decline in such films as For the Czechoslovak State. Another asset of this film is the most interesting moment of the first joining of the famous Weteb couple Suzanne Marwille and V. Ch. Vladimírov. Suzanne still out-acts her partner with a spy etude, while in subsequent films their star ratio became fully balanced. Meanwhile, the story of Suzanne's Maryša provided space for a variation on the Mata Hari career, whereas Vladimir's Jiří was waiting for the Czech Caligari. ()