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Die Ermittlungen zentrieren sich auf einen Hauptverdächtigen, der sich als überraschend versiert darin erweist, brisante Situationen zu seinem Vorteil zu manipulieren. (Netflix)

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alle Kritiken (zu dieser Serie)

Englisch The finale didn't have a single dull moment. I had an absolute blast, and the seamless blend of fiction and real-world events struck just the right chord for me. ()


alle Kritiken (zu dieser Serie)

Englisch The final episode is good, brilliantly acted, ambiguous, seemingly incomplete. I suppose from a factual point of view it's a no-brainer, it wouldn't be Fincher and co. if it were to be otherwise, and there's a strong feeling that a lover of the genre has done their homework to a tee. Some of the story detours are not fully explained, some are not fully finished and concluded, but I would still like to go to the next season. ()