Antique-dealer Samek lives the life of an old bachelor. He financially helps his housekeeper bring up her daughter Máňa who is learning to be a hairdresser. Following the advice of a match-maker, Mudra, Samek resolves to get married. When Máňa returns to Prague, Samek, who has not seen her for a long time, is enchanted by her charms. Máňa has a good job in prospect but she needs to be able to speak German. Samek offers to teach her while taking walks together. During German conversation on Petřín hill, an electrician called Vašek sees her and falls for her. Assuming that Máňa does not speak Czech, he buys a German textbook so that he will be able to speak to her. Soon he gets an opportunity and the two youngsters declare their love for each other. Samek is getting ready to propose marriage to Máňa. But Máňa confides her love for Vašek and asks Samek to try to find some work for him. Samek loves Máňa and so obliges her. Vašek is jealous and calls the whole thing off. Máňa prepares to marry Samek. But she realises in the end that she loves Vašek. A reconciliation is brought about by Samek's servant Vojtíšek. Samek does not stand in the way of young love. (Verleiher-Text)


Kritiken (1)


alle Kritiken

Englisch A nice early Protectorate film, which was a long time coming, and only today has the film been released on TV. For some, perhaps this is a perfectly ordinary Cikán film, possibly the unrequitedly in love Marvan and a mother/daughter duo played by Nedošinska/Ferbasová... and yet it has a lot going for it. The realities of the Protectorate are interestingly and carefully depicted here, see Ferbasová and Pešek's introduction in the relaxation and rest environment. ()