Outside a saloon in a small town Charlie plays a wandering violinist competing for pennies with a German band. Completely drowned out he exacts revenge by going round with the hat and making off with the collection. A woman nearby looks at a picture of her long lost daughter and the scene cuts to a vignette of a girl (Edna) kept in drudgery by a brutal gypsy chief. Charlie wanders into view. He plays for her as she is scrubs clothes. This arouses the anger of the chief and he beats the girl. Charlie hides in a tree then knocks out the gypsies one by one and escapes with the girl. They are camping happily when an artist comes upon them. The artist is smitten by Edna who seems equally smitten with him as he paints her. Charlie, heartbroken, nobly stands aside. Eventually the painting is exhibited and the mother, recognising her daughter, rescues her from her wandering existence. Charlie refuses all offers of help and they leave. At the last minute the girl realises it is Charlie she loves and returns for him. (Verleiher-Text)