In the little village of Sunnyside Charlie is a dozy farm hand who is kicked awake by the boss to work on a Sunday. He waits, frying pan in hand for a hen to lay an egg and puts milk in the tea straight from the cow. Unable to attend church Charlie reads pious texts as he herds the cows. The cattle stroll off and he has to rescue one from the church by riding it out. He is eventually dumped in a ditch by the cow where - in a delirious dream - he dances with nymphs. He wakes to find himself being hauled out by the townspeople. He goes to a neighbouring house see his sweetheart, Edna, while her father is away. He gives her a ring and attempts to entertain her on the piano but is drowned out by the bleating of a goat which gets in a takes a bite out of the music (the lost chord). When he returns to the farm and sets to work a city type staggers in, evidently ill. The horse doctor is sent for and writes the patient a bill. The guest is taken to a room to recuperate. Later Edna arrives to get groceries and seems to be very taken with the stranger, now recovered. The city type is made much of by Edna's father and Charlie attempts to dress himself to match his rival. He tries to emulate his behaviour too but Edna, irritated, returns his ring. As the new boyfriend leaves, Charlie distraught, stands in front of a speeding car but the expected impact is only the boot of his employer kicking him awake in time to claim Edna before the city type can become interested. The city type leaves Charlie a large tip as he drives away. (Verleiher-Text)