Mabel's wimpish husband (Charlie) won't stand up to Mack Swain's 'Ladykiller'. She buys him a boxing dummy in the hopes of making a man of him. She has an experimental bout and is knocked over by the dummy bouncing back. Coming home drunk, Charlie mistakes the dummy for the bully and tries to eject it from the house but it springs back to hit him. Charlie accuses Mabel of infidelity and they argue loudly enough to attract a crowd of neighbours before the truth about the dummy is discovered. (Verleiher-Text)


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Deutsch Chaplins stummer Slapstick, aus dem der Gag des "Kampfes" der Schauspieler mit einer Boxpuppe am meisten hervorsticht. Nicht mehr und auch nicht weniger. Aber es ist trotzdem das Anschauen wert. ()

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