A remake of the Keystone Twenty Minutes of Love, this sees Charlie again annoying courting couples in the park and encountering the usual bunch of characters: the policeman, the pretty girl and a tramp/pickpocket. He avoids the policeman and flirts with the pretty girl, a nursemaid. He out-thieves the inept pickpocket on several occasions; while the tramp is stealing a string of stolen sausages from Charlie, our hero is hooking a stolen purse from the tramp with his cane. He returns the purse to impress the nursemaid but gets into a brick throwing fight with the pickpocket, which then extends to include the nursemaid's boyfriend and another couple. This girl accuses her lover of stealing her purse and the lover, lacking the courage to commit suicide, is kicked into the lake by Charlie. When the nursemaid's boyfriend and the policeman come after Charlie he kicks them in the lake too. (Verleiher-Text)