A young man offers the poor Charlie a dollar to wheel his crippled uncle around in a bath chair while he walks out with his girlfriend. Charlie wheels the uncle around unhappily until he hits on a plan to put a sign on the sleeping old man saying "help a cripple". He collects enough in a tin cup to go and get drunk. Meanwhile the couple have broken up and Charlie finds the girl and flirts with her, while kicking the old man's chair to the end of the jetty. Inevitably this results in a fight with the nephew, the girl, and two policemen, during which Charlie kicks the uncle out of the way again and steals off with the girl. (Verleiher-Text)


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Deutsch Ein Landstreicher kümmert sich um einen Mann im Rollstuhl (oder versucht es zumindest), und da es sich um einen Slapstick handeln soll, ist er im Sinne der Komik konzipiert. ()

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