Charlie plays a fireman who mistakes a bell for the fire alarm, slides down the pole and drives the engine out. The father of the Fire Chief's sweetheart (Edna Purviance) talks the Fire Chief into ignoring a planned fire at his home, so he can get the insurance money. A real fire breaks out at another house and the owner is unable to get the attention of the firemen by any means, as the fire chief has been briefed to ignore the alarm bell and is making up to Edna. He finally responds to Charlie's insistent prodding and leaves, allowing Charlie to flirt with his girl. Meanwhile Edna's father sets light to his own house, unaware that his daughter is upstairs in the burning building. When he discovers his mistake he can of course get no response from the fire station. He hurries off to where the firemen are dealing with the other fire and rouses Charlie who rushes off to save Edna. (Verleiher-Text)