Eric Campbell plays a stagehand called Goliath who despite his colossal strength makes diminutive Charlie do all the heavy lifting in the film studio. We see Charlie staggering under the weight of a piano and eleven chairs all at once, looking like a porcupine. A strike is called but Charlie refuses to join and Edna, an aspiring actress, dons male overalls and volunteers as a stagehand. Discovering later that she is a girl, Charlie kisses her, outraging Goliath who throws camp gestures at Charlie. On a neighbouring set a 'new idea' for a comedy (throwing pies) incenses the actor who refuses to participate in the 'highbrow stuff' and walks. Charlie gets his big break as lead comedian but the pie throwing gets out of hand and sparks off a fight on the drama set, where a keg of dynamite blows the whole place up. Charlie is seen kissing Edna and winking at the audience. (Verleiher-Text)