Bára, the daughter of a communal herdsman, is pursued by all the young men from the village. The parents of the village boys are not pleased with this at all, because they believe the superstitious old women who claim that Bára is a daughter of a noonday-witch. The beautiful girl has one friend, Eliška, foster-daughter of the parish priest. The priest also likes Bára and always takes her side. The manorial administrator Sláma is trying to win Eliška, but Eliška loves a student from Prague. Bára decides to frighten Sláma away from his courtship. She disguises herself as a ghost, scares Sláma to death near the graveyard and makes him promise to leave Eliška in peace. But Sláma's coachman alarms the entire village and they recognize Bára in the ghost. They lock her in the morgue to punish her. The village boys Josífek and Vojta want to help Bára. Josífek goes on his horse to get the huntsman who has liked Bára already for a long time, and Vojta is running to the morgue. Here, in a nasty quarrel with his father, he drops a lantern and the morgue starts burning instantly. Fortunately, the huntsman arrives in time, and takes Bára with him, away from the superstitious village folks. (Verleiher-Text)