Broadway Bill

USA, 1934, 104 min


Frank Capra


Robert Riskin


Joseph Walker


Warner Baxter, Myrna Loy, Walter Connolly, Helen Vinson, Douglass Dumbrille, Raymond Walburn, Lynne Overman, Clarence Muse, Margaret Hamilton (mehr)
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Dan Brooks cares more about his thoroughbred Broadway Bill than for his wife Margaret or his job at father-in-law J. L. Higgins's business. When the beloved horse's fate is in jeopardy, Dan leaves his dead-end life and Margaret behind for the uncertain destinies of the race track. There, he and Broadway Bill find out what they're made of, and J. L. Higgins's unwed daughter, Alice, who secretly loves Dan, makes a surprise appearance... (Verleiher-Text)