Ray Liotta (COPLAND), Anthonly La Paglia (THE CLIENT) and Anjelica Huston (THE CROSSING GUARD) star in this adrenaline drenched scorcher that pulses with searing suspense and blistering action. These days it seems like everybody's addicted to something and for Detective Harry Collins (Liotta) gambling is his "drug." He'll bet on anything, no matter the odds, just for the rush. But this time, he's in over his head. Caught between a brutal bookie, and a lethal loan shark and a murderous heist gone wrong, Harry has a daring plan to settle his debts, once and for all. Daniel Baldwin, Jeremy Piven and Kari Wuhrer costar in this crime thriller where passions erupt, tempers flare and greed burns out everything in its path. (Verleiher-Text)