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Im vorweihnachtlichen London liegt außer dem Duft von Zimt und Bratäpfeln noch etwas ganz Besonderes in der Luft: Es ist wohl die Liebe, die den Menschen zu dieser Jahreszeit mehr denn je zu Kopfe steigt. Ob alternder Rockstar, frisch gebackener Premier oder Schulbub, sie alle suchen und finden auf mitunter sehr verschlungenen Pfaden dieses einzigartige Gefühl, das Augen funkeln, Wangen erröten und Herzen höher schlagen lässt. (ORF)


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Englisch After the third viewing I can say for sure that this film is simply perfect, both touching and funny, non-violent, unobtrusive and made with such love that the adjective heavenly is not nearly enough. It's exactly one of those amazing films that I'm fan of here on FilmBooster and that is guaranteed to lift my spirits anytime, anywhere with its Christmas atmosphere and a plethora of familiar faces. Whether it's Bill Nighy and his quirky rocker, the modest and cheerful Prime Minister Hugh Grant, the head-over-heels in love and shy Laura Linney or the traditionally magnificent crown in the form of Rowan Atkinson’s salesman, all of them and many others instantly grow close to the heart and for two hours become such a part of it that they leave a lasting impression. But the one who excels the most is Curtis, the director. All the stories are perfectly intertwined and you are not confused for a moment, on the contrary, you suddenly feel that the world is much simpler and more beautiful. The boundaries of kitsch are attacked by the premise itself, but the final result is so original and tastefully filmed that only the biggest nitpicker could reproach any sentiment or slight cliché. Simply a beautiful, wonderful spectacle whose magic cannot be expressed in words. ()


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Englisch In every genre category, I have a film that comes close to, or equals, perfection, simply a 100% film. Among romantic comedies, this spot is taken by Heavenly Love, and it must be said that it emerged as the clear winner. But yes, a nitpicker could argue that the screenwriter did not burden himself too much with logic - but since when is love logical? Top-notch cast, a number of funny moments, and an amazingly positive atmosphere. An ideal film for a romantic evening for two. Overall impression: 100%. ()



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Englisch Those of you who would ever pay gold for just a pinch of good mood, I invite you all to pre-Christmas London. I have seen many performances and I can recite the lines by heart, but a while ago Curtis stole me away again, so I can't fully return to my thoughts. In Love Actually, everything is heavenly, and therefore there may be something that might not appeal to you. However, there is also so much amazingness in it that when I add up the shy guys, Hugh Grant and Colin Firth, the triumphant Bill Nighy, the unforgettable Keira Knightley, the discreet angel Rowan Atkinson, or the few seconds of magical cameo by Elisha Cuthbert, there is too much perfection in one movie. The best romantic comedy and one of my top 10. ()


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Englisch A Christmas movie gift in which everyone who has ever been in love at least once will find something for themselves, whether they’re 17 or 40, black or white, good looking or not so good looking. Four stars for the fact that I didn’t completely identify with absolutely all of the characters (which is natural) and a secret 20 stars for the one segment that left me petrified and speechless. And also for the overall good-heartedness and love that everyone involved put into making this film. ()


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Englisch A well-cast hilarious British comedy. As it is a Christmas film, there’s a huge dose of romance, which is not to say it’s a bad thing. The film works really well as a whole. The only parts I didn't like were the Liam Neeson scenes, which tugged a little too much at the heartstrings. On the other hand, the characters played by Martin Freeman and Bill Nighy were excellent. " Don't buy drugs. Become a pop star and they give you them for free!" ()

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