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alle Kritiken

Englisch Hana Vítová was Rolf Wanka’s most frequent partner in Czech cinema. Messenger of Love was a film in which they were together again. It was also the last of the five double productions that equally built Wanka's stardom in the Czech and German-speaking countries. In the German version of Messenger of Love, Hannah's counterpart was Ellen Schwanneke. After adventures in the snow, on the school benches, and a double trip to Dubrovnik, a modern fashion race became the setting of Wanka's love novel. Rolf plays Pavel Toman, who lives only for his business and has no time for love. But this is a great set-up for the young Jiřina Zvoníčková, who uses a ruse to procure a report about the true nature of the fashion mogul for her employer's paper. Next is an excellent situation where people use disguises when Jiřina puts on the uniform of a porter and becomes her own brother - twin brother Jiří. Jiří is very popular in the race, which naturally leads to many more interesting events. For example, the philatelic and watchmaking escapades of Trégl and Plachta or the spy action of Vlasta Hrubá. Truly delightful are the small performances of Marie Norrová and Fanda Mrázek. It is therefore obvious that Messenger of Love is made based on the most modern disguise comedies that have gradually matured into Czech studios. Having learned their lessons from Anny Ondra's Baby, The Young Count, and Renate Müller's Victor and Victoria, they have gradually given this rewarding acting opportunity to every big domestic star. ()