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Die fromme Novizin Cecilia (Sydney Sweeney) verlässt ihre Heimat in den USA, um einem abgelegenen Kloster inmitten der malerischen Landschaft Italiens beizutreten. Doch der herzliche Empfang durch die Ordensschwestern und Pater Tedeschi (Álvaro Morte) trügt: Schon bald entwickelt sich ihr Aufenthalt zu einem Albtraum, als ihr klar wird, dass das Gotteshaus ein düsteres Geheimnis und unaussprechliche Schrecken birgt. (Capelight Pictures)


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Englisch Compared to The Omen it's as expected two levels worse, but it has my sympathy for the R-rating – had it been PG-13 I'd go for maybe a 2. Sydney Sweeney looks ordinary for the first time, she doesn't show her beautiful boobs in a mini dress and has no make up, she's no sex goddess, but an ordinary girl. Visually it's pretty average, the story is ordinary, though I appreciate it's not a ghost story, but it goes in a slightly different direction. The jump-scares didn't work for me, but the bit of gore was nice. All in all a watchable average but easily forgettable. 5/10. ()


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Englisch In the end, I think it's totally fine, the final third is where the film defends its right to exist. In the end, Immaculate is pure B-movie crap, even though it initially looks like it might have higher ambitions. Once the cards are dealt and laid out, things get pretty intense, with the film going a little further than usual in Hollywood in the last scene, and for that, thumbs up. The craftsmanship fine, the acting is fine, the locations are fine. ()


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