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Jack Crow führt eine Gruppe von Vampirjägern an. Seine Mission im Namen der katholischen Kirche: Die Ausbreitung des Vampirismus zu verhindern. Als Vampir Valek kurz davor steht, mit Hilfe eines magischen Kreuzes die Weltherrschaft zu übernehmen, muss Jack handeln. Gemeinsam mit Tony und der Prostituierten Katrina nimmt er es mit den Blutsaugern auf. (TELE 5)


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Deutsch John Carpenter hat auf einen düsteren Charakter und Spannung verzichtet. Er ging in Richtung Rockmusik, Splatter, harte Action und coole Sprüche. Einerseits hat er mich enttäuscht, weil ich in seiner Darbietung eben das liebe, worauf er verzichtet hat. Andererseits habe ich mich bei diesem Ausrutscher mehr als bei Das Dorf der Verdammten amüsiert. Vampire gehört aber zum grauen Durchschnitt von ähnlichen Vampir-Filmen. Der Film hat nur eine Kamera in Bewegung mit schönen Filtern angeboten. Um besser zu sein, müsste er geschickter und sensibler den schwarzen Humor und die Horror-Ebene kombinieren. Und dort hat Carpenters Regie versagt. ()


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Englisch John Carpenter became a filmmaker to make westerns, but by the time he broke through, the genre was almost dead, and his work took a different direction, yet it is very much influenced by the western; Vampires (along with Ghosts of Mars) most of all. And not just with their western visuals of the arid landscape of the American Southwest (or in the case of Ghosts, the arid landscape of Mars). This film is basically a vampire version of Sam Peckinpah's The Wild Bunch. Instead of a bunch of outlaws, there's a bunch of ruthless vampires who also share a mutual respect and a code of their own. The protagonist, then, is a typical Carpenter cynical badass (a surprisingly well cast James Woods), whose angry toughness surpasses even Snake Plissken himself. While most of Carpenter's films were influenced by Howard Hawks, this one is primarily a tribute to Sam Peckinpah. The action scenes are much more frenetic and fast-cut than is usual for Carpenter, and instead of the "bloody ballet" of shot-up cowboys in The Wild Bunch, the film is bathed in a "fire ballet" of vampires exploding in the sun (the central gang literally hunts them like fish, pulling them out of the darkness and into the light, where they burst into flames). Understandably, there are also inspirations for one of Carpenter's favorite films, Hawks' Rio Bravo in the final prison clash, for example. Vampires is a formulaic, repetitive and predictable film. It is by no means scary vampire horror. Instead, you're in for a solid helping of violent, stylishly shot macho action with macho guy lines and a gritty sense of humor. I'll admit that when I saw it for the second time many years later, and I was already treating it like a western and not a horror film, I liked it much better. ()



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Englisch Man, that Carpenter must have had some anger issues back then to barf up this unprecedented butchery where James Woods slaps women, beats a priest with a phone, and when he gets around to a vampire he shoots a full clip into his face from two inches away for absolutely no reason. Me gusta! That was also the year that saw another unscrupulous vampire hunter burst into the cinematic ether, namely Blade. Couldn't have been a worse year for them toothy predators. ()


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Englisch Let’s be real, this is quite embarrassing for Carpenter, but it’s still watchable. Weak three stars, I’m not a fan of this kind of horror B-movie. ()


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Englisch Slightly above average stuff. Too bad John Carpenter ran out of breath halfway through. Unlike his earlier horror films, this one lacks carefully constructed atmosphere, but there's plenty of blood, violence, dry one-liners and a decent James Woods. Which is pretty cool. ()

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